Chronic Illness, Gastroparesis, Grad School, PCOS

My Inner Superhero

I have wanted to start a blog since about a month after my PCOS diagnosis. I didn’t know what I would want to write about. However, as time went on and illness and condition after illness and condition was added to my chart and life the desire grew stronger. There was more I wanted to share and more I wanted to do. I wanted a space to share my journey to help those who are following a similar path and might be scared after their diagnosis or want to find someone like them. I wish a blog like this existed after I was diagnosed with gastroparesis and trying to find out how to handle gastroparesis, grad school, and eventually working in a health care profession. I am still only on the grad school part but every day brings me closer to living my dreams. I finally bit the bullet so here we are.

Now came the hard choice of a title. It quickly dawned on me that “my inner superhero” was the only thing that would make sense. A few months ago I decided that every person living with a chronic medical condition/illness has a little extra superhero within them. This isn’t some new concept, but it finally clicked in my head. To be living every day with whatever symptom our bodies throw our way and continue to thrive the best we can, is a superpower within itself. Whenever I talk with new spoonie friends or someone asks for advice, I always remind them of their inner superhero. If I have a rough morning and am upset on my way to school I just breath and remind myself of that inner superhero. It’s one of my strategies to keep moving forward no matter what happens.

I’m not sure what direction this blog will take. It will likely be as unpredictable as my life, but my goal is to share my story, raise awareness, and have fun along the way 🙂

So it’s capes on and heads high on this journey with chronic illness!