Chronic Illness, Gastroparesis, Grad School

The Little Things

One of the superpowers that comes along with chronic illness is finding the joy in the really little and seemingly inconsequential things. The little things that to a random person wouldn’t mean anything or the happiness would be beyond their grasp. Today I had a celebrating the little things day.

I am nauseous almost every single day. Not all day, but rare is the day I don’t mark off a nausea column on my symptom tracker. Today I had the wonderful honor of not needing to do that. I got my first nausea free day after a 34 day streak. I also had my first day with no lightheadedness after 2 weeks of dealing with that.

Of course tomorrow it could all come back with a vengeance and probably will. Today also wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as some other symptoms stole the spotlight plus I am dealing with a cold. However, I did get a little break from those symptoms and that makes me happy. These are the moments that help keep me strong and replenish my strength and will to fight this day in and day out. It helps me maintain the hope that someday the symptoms may start subsiding instead of continuing to get worse. At the end of the day, without hope it is hard to keep doing this. It is hard to maintain the attitude that carries you through the worst days and the days where you just can’t do another day of feeling sick. Days where I have some little things going right are the reminder that there is always a break in the chaos even if for a short time.

So today I get to recharge my batteries a little bit with these awesome little things that happened. Hopefully the next day like this is better and closer than 34 days away, but I am ready to do all I can to get that good day to come as quickly as possible.

But for now, I’m taking advantage of the lull in my gastroparesis and knocking out some neurology lectures on CNS injury.




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